Kolmans Cube is an interactive space

This space with physical dimensions 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 meter is essentially a stage on which a performer or a visitor can interact with images and sound.

This also means that space is an interface. Somebody moving around on that stage can navigate through the content. That content, which is in digital storage, is connected to locations in 3D space. It can be thought of as an architecture of virtual objects and can be visualized in a VR headset. The content is thus placed during the production period and can be brought to life, set in motion, during a performance.  After the performance, visitors/spectators are invited to navigate through the content themselves.

Kolmans Cube allows for a performer or visitor to perform live editing of content

Moving images and sounds for the performance/installation 'With NAGAs' have been collected in Naga's homeland during shooting of the flat format documentary and immersive 360 ​​stereo video production in November and December 2022
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